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Slaughtering under Islamic restriction is known to be the most humane method because not only is it designed to reduce the pain and distress on the animal, but life before being killed is always what makes the difference. Halal animals are raised under quality and ethical conditions regarding their living environment and diet. It is considered haram (prohibited or unlawful) for animals to be fed any animal by-products and harmful substances like unknown hormones and additives. All in all, halal animals are healthy animals that provide various benefits to our health when consumed.


It is taught in Islamic practice that people are to eat to live and not live to eat. Life is sacred and animals are a blessing as part of God’s creation. Muslims must only consume the meat of animals aligned with Islamic law for example, pork products is considered haram.


Known to be safer and healthier to eat than non-halal meat, halal meat lowers the risk of any diet-related diseases because of the Islamic way requires every drop of blood to be drained out including the blood in the organs. This means the meat will be free of any harmful bacteria or contaminants from entering the body when consumed. In addition, halal meat is known to optimize the immune system, promotes a healthy brain, and improves the body’s metabolism.


We are Halal Certified by Universal Halal, and we have a Halal Supervisor in our kitchen and restaurant from open to close. Please call us if you have any questions about our Halal Meat and Policies.

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