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If you're looking for a kosher restaurant in Las Vegas, look no further. We've been in the business for a long time to know that our meals are deliciously prepared better than the competition. From our menu, you'll find kosher derived delicacies and others with a touch of our community. That's right, when you want variety, you'll find it in our restaurant.

With Jerusalem Grill, you can trust that we have the freshest components available. Locally grown and cooked to perfection is what we stand by. When it comes to our inventory, we don't just choose any ingredients! It is in our best interests to provide you with high-quality food that brings your palate to the next level. Because of that, everything in our kitchen is hand selected!

Eating kosher and practicing a Jewish lifestyle can pose some setbacks especially during Shabbat. This is why we've provided delivery and catering services for everyone who wants delicious meals just in time for Friday night. Check out our Shabbat menu for more information.
Of course, we're not Jerusalem Grill without catering and delivery. When you want food delivered to your door, you can rely on our services! Freshly cooked for you and your family for your convenience.
However, we want you to find yourself in our dining room as our delicious meals are best enjoyed with us. We'll delight you with our top-notched customer service as dine with friends and family. Contact us today for more information regarding our menu, reservations, catering and more!

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