Wedding Catering

A wedding is an incredible milestone towards a new chapter. It’s a moment worth remembering again and again as a couple promise to love one another despite all odds. To commence a new story in their life, a sumptuous wedding highlights what’s to embark. From the wedding dress to the reception hall, every detail has to be perfect! With Jerusalem Grill and Bar, we understand the importance of your new chapter. With that in mind, we’re dedicated to making your event stand out from the ordinary.

Our experience in food and hospitality has taught us a detailed planning process that will keep your wedding running smoothly. We want you to worry about the most important parts of your wedding, and we’ll take care of the food and decorations. Working closely with florists, event planners and more, we will make your night unforgettable!

Check our catering menu to customize a course that best fits your occasion. Our culinary team will make the dishes, so your guest will want more as your wedding continues throughout the day. We’ll make sure that there’s enough for everyone!

The best part about our services is that we serve kosher catering in Las Vegas! We understand the importance of abiding by a proper diet, but that doesn’t have to limit your menu. With our choices of food, we guarantee that there are dishes waiting just for your guests.

Call us today to find out more about our kosher catering services in Las Vegas!